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School Focused Youth Services


BATForce is a provider of the School Focused Youth Service (SFYS) a Victorian Government initiative that assists school networks with the coordination of preventative and early intervention strategies for 'at-risk' young people aged 10-18 years, (with a particular emphasis on those aged 10-14 years), delivered by, and through, schools and local community agencies.

The next phase of the SFYS (July 2013 to December 2015) acknowledges that schools need to work in partnership with community agencies with expertise to support young people with complex needs or emerging mental health issues to remain engaged or reengage in learning.

Through the SFYS, schools and community organisations will support at risk young people who require prevention or early intervention strategies to assist their learning, development, health and wellbeing. The objective of the SFYS is to ensure that at risk young people are well supported in their communities, that risk factors are addressed or mitigated and that they continue to be engaged and connected to education.

BATForce’s SFYS Coordinators will work collaboratively with SSS coordinators and wellbeing staff in schools to identify the needs of schools in relation to at risk young people and the services available in the community that may be able to address them. In addition they will also establish mechanisms to obtain advice from schools with which we work and other community agencies to identify the services available in the community that meet the needs of at risk young people.

Evidence-based strategies

SFYS agencies must be committed to adopting evidence- based strategies and innovative practices to improve the outcomes for at risk young people. Partnerships between schools, School Focused Youth Service Agencies and community providers should be based on solid quantitative and qualitative data and contain measurable outcomes that can be rigorously demonstrated and evaluated.

Work plans exist for each school network in our clusters and work will be more collaborative than in the past where programs were predominately developed and implemented as per individual school needs.

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The BATforce School Focused Youth Service is supported by the Victorian Government



Welcome to the eleventh edition of the WAYTOGO Referral Guide including:

  • A comprehensive listing of youth and community agencies in the Barwon Region.
  • A special Colac section.
  • All primary, secondary, state and independent schools and school support services.
  • A special services for primary school section.

This guide can be used to link in with Student Wellbeing Staff, Principals, Deputy Principals and District Support Staff. It is intended to assist professionals in their daily work with Young People who may need additional support to succeed.

If you are working with Young People in a community agency or in a school you too are an important link in the continuum of service. BATForce would welcome your comments on the WAYTOGO and your input on future issues.



Download the Guide (2.55mb PDF)