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Small and Snotty to Tall and Spotty - Parent Education


  • Solutions Not Sagas
  • Cyber savvy
  • Resilience
  • Building Kids That Bounce
  • Bring On Prep


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  • Parents - More than just canteen duty.
  • Working with Young People
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Parent Education Presentation

Small and Snotty to Tall and Spotty

Small and Snotty to Tall and Spotty is a parent engagement series that draws on the knowledge and involvement of parents to come up with shared language and solutions within the school community. It is facilitated by workers who are connected to the local sector and have a strong knowledge base of current and local issues pertaining to school aged children. We do not pretend to be the experts, our role is to facilitate the evening and let the parents come up with solutions that best fit their families and their communities.

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