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Young People


Ocean Grove Neighbourhood House

 We are happy to announce that our Term 1, 2016 Program is now available!

 Please see attached PDF copy of our program.  If anything interests you, please call and book in.

 New to the program for Term 1;

 BEGINNERS AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language)

In this class you will learn the basics to help you communicate with Deaf and Hearing Impaired people. During these practical and fun classes you will learn how to fingerspell, develop a vocabulary of basic conversational signs; learn how to structure a sentence and more.

Wednesdays 6.30pm from 3rd February

Course Fee: $125.00 8x1 ½ hour sessions

Tutor:  Tina Birch


Are you returning to the workforce after having children?  Have you been made redundant and don’t know where to start?  Thinking about job seeking but unsure of the steps involved? Then effective job seeking training may be for you!

This is designed to be a very interactive training program with plenty of hands on activities.  By the end you will have a personal resume and example cover letter for the industry you are targeting and know how to find that job you want.

Fridays 10am from 19th February

Course Fee: $105.00 5x2 hour sessions

Tutor:  Nicole Whitham


This is an introduction to the Yin and Yang diet for good health! According to traditional Chinese medicine, health is a state of balance in which food choice is key. The Chinese believe that food not only has the power to strengthen and energize, but also to heal. Harmony of the body, mind and essential life force is achieved through eating Yin-Yang balanced foods. Yin and Yang are energetic qualities that shape everything on earth including your health. This tradition of eating re-establishes equilibrium and allows you to live a long and healthy life. Rosita will show you how to cook using the Yin-Yang principles and give you tips and hints so the whole family will enjoy and feel healthy eating this way.

Wednesday 6.30pm 16th March

Course Fee: $40.00 1x2 hour session

Tutor: Rosita Friend

 Should you have any further questions, please contact us on 5255 4294 or by email at reception@ognc.com.au.