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BATForce is a clear voice

There are many human services networks and planning structures within the region and the place of young people is a common thread across service and community planning.

BATForce has the history and the capacity to represent both young people and youth services on a wide range of structures, networks and planning processes, which, at present include:

  • Barwon Regional Youth Affairs Network
  • Community Agents Of Sustainability
  • Regional Drug Action Plan Committee
  • Regional Safety Committee
  • G21 - health and wellbeing
  • 3219 Youth Network
  • Bellarine Youth Development Network
  • SOUTHForce
  • Surfcoast Youth Network
  • Bellarine Advisory Group
  • South Geelong Advisory Group
  • Drysdale and Portarlington Bendigo Bank Youth Committee
  • Eastwise
  • 3219 East Forum
  • NORTHForce
  • NORTHForce Advisory Group
  • CATForce Advisory Group
  • CATForce
  • Regional Justice Forum
  • Voice of the Child
  • Communities that Care
  • Linking Learning Committee
  • Ignition Point
  • Deakin University Youth Conference
  • Department of Justice Working Group

BATForce has the sectoral development tools

BATForce has been working with a variety of sectoral development tools since it's inception in 1979. The most obvious tool, a monthly forum has been operating continuously throughout the whole period. Other approaches - such as a specialised program to link schools and community agencies are more recent. BATForce continues to adapt to the changing needs of the youth services sector.

At present BATForce manages the following development tools:

  • School Focused Youth Services.

    Through the School Focused Youth Service, schools and community organisations will support at risk young people who require prevention or early intervention strategies to assist their learning, development, health and wellbeing. The objective of the School Focused Youth Service is to ensure that at risk young people are well supported in their communities, that risk factors are addressed or mitigated and that they continue to be engaged and connected to education. This will be achieved by:

    • Creating partnerships and pathways between schools and community organisations to support at risk young people
    • Coordinating the provision of community based services in partnership with schools and community agencies to support schools to address the needs of at risk young people. 
  • Monthly member forums on the first Thursday of the month. Few other alliances can boast a continuous record of direct engagement with the key sectoral asset - youth workers. These forums are a means accessing timely, relevant and practical information regarding the issues, services and developments within the sector - as they happen. Agencies encourage staff members to attend these forums as a means of both collecting and disseminating information. These forums have also proven extremely valuable as an orientation aid for new youth workers to the region or the sector - in a far more effective manner than a web page...
  • Web site. The BATForce web site receives around 1400 hits per month and is an effective information sharing resource for agencies across the region - irrespective of attendance at meetings. All member agencies are encouraged to post items on the site, which is carefully maintained to ensure relevance and timeliness. The web site contains over thirty current information items under headings such as:
    • Bat Droppings - regular e-bulletin
    • Conferences
    • Forums
    • Funding/Grants available
    • Meetings
    • New Publications
    • New Reports and Papers
    • New Service Announcements
    • News and Media Releases
    • Seminars
    • Training and Workshops
    • Upcoming Events
  • Policy & Planning Processes. BATForce has developed many approaches to gathering information, ideas and solutions to presenting problems and driving practical improvement in service provision. At its most formal this is a process of Policy & Planning - a periodic ‘scan' of the sector to highlight the key opportunities for improvement. Less formally, any BATForce member who identifies a theme or issue for consideration is welcome to put that idea forward - thus emphasising the openness of the BATForce planning process.
  • Consultancy and linking within the alliance membership. BATForce has the ‘know how' to provide consultancy support services to member agencies to support agencies with planning processes. In addition, BATForce routinely builds links between agencies in order to share resources, ideas and capacity.

BATForce delivers services to young people, parents, teachers and the community

  • Advocacy
  • Referrals
  • Crisiis Response
  • Programs building resilience targeting mental health, isolation, self-harm and the mis-use of technology
  • Programs building healthy relationships